"First balloon flight for us. Capt. Chuck gave us great confidence even talking with him on the phone before we arrived for the setup and flight. Confidence was justified. Perfect morning in all respects. Loved being a part of the whole process of unloading, assembling, disassembling, reloading of the balloon and basket. Small size of the balloon basket was perfect for one pilot and five passengers and added to the extraordinary feel of the upward voyage, with a ten story high balloon overhead! (can it really fit 140,000 basketballs in there?) One full hour in the air, with some planned dips over the Rio Grande and elsewhere. Great information in the air and later, over champagne toast, on history of ballooning and balloon competitions and ballooning in general. Champagne glasses, tee shirts & cap made it home with all of the great memories."

Andrea Langdon
Fulton, Mo


Here is the picture from our balloon ride last weekend.

Thanks for a great ride, we had a blast!!


Santa Monica, CA
Larissa Underwood Photography

Nikki aron wood.jpeg

Thank you so much for the balloon ride. We just loved it! We cant stop talking about you guys. The pictures are awesome thanks. We will see you in the future. Take care.

Nicki & Aron Wood
Clovis, New Mexico

2012 Tania.jpg

Thank you Captain Bentley and staff for a wonderful birthday present for my husband. He loved it.  He enjoyed the friendly conversations awe had up in the air and the "Bentleymosa" we had during the ceremony.  Thanks again; It definitely topped the skydiving adventure we had on his birthday the year before.  We did "get high in Albuquerque" ;-)

Tania Galvan-Jimenez
El Paso, Texas


Thank you so much for such a memorable Thanksgiving.
We had such a great time. Loved the balloon and love
the pictures! So nice meeting you both.

Julie Lentz
Taylorsville, NC


Private Balloon Flights,

Just a great time. You all were so nice to us and so much fun. The balloon ride was so smooth and for a first time ride a complete successful fulfillment of a big item on our bucket list. The balloon ride was the hit of our week in New Mexico. You have a great crew and do an outstanding job!

Thanks for the memories, pictures, Champagne, sweet rolls, glasses, cap, shirts, and pins.

Good Flying and Keep up the good work!

Bob and Kay Morrow
Frederick, MD



You folks do a great job! This is one of the most exciting experiences that we have had- and, that is due to the enthusiasm, graciousness of the staff. It was not just a job, but a desire to leave your passengers with a memorable experience.

Thanks again, we have already sent out postcards, verbally told others about the great ride- and I am going to post on FB!

Pat and Jim Bubash
St. Louis, MO


Captain Bentley,
Our group of six happy balloon riders is back home. We had such a wonderful time at the Fiesta. Pam and her mom were such perfect hosts after we landed. Among the six of us, we compiled several hundred pictures. Now I need to do some editing. I feel quite lucky to have flown the beginning of Fiesta week. The weather really did turn ugly for ballooning, but it was great for us, as we went shopping, sightseeing and explored quite a few nooks and crannies in NM.

Thank you for being such a great pilot with customer skills.

Bart Bartelsman
Hampton, NH


Thanks, Pam!

Listen, I'm 65 years old, a retired military aviator and retired consultant for 3 of the largest computer companies in the world. I've had me some experiences. I just wanted to let you guys know that, one aviator to another, your skill, professionalism, and obvious love of the air gave me a memory that I will treasure until my dying day.

Thank you, and feel free to quote me

Ken Wright
Fairfield, CA


Hello Bentley and Staff,

Thank you for the photos and the nice balloon ride. It was great.

I wish you a good time.

Kind regards.

Peter G. Stiefel
Effretikon, Switzerland


"My family and I took a two week road trip visiting fives states in June. The first day of our road trip we took a Hot Air Balloon ride with Private Balloon Flights and Capt. Bentley was our Pilot. A few of us were very apprehensive about the height issue but we found out our fears were unfounded, I found myself hanging over the edge to look out. On the road trip we saw and did many new things but by far the Hot Air Balloon ride was the highlight and best part of our vacation. The experience was better than the sand dune rides on dune buggies, the wine tours at Napa Valley, the magnificent views at Crater Lake and several more new experiences. The flight was perfect, from the calm winds, to helping inflate the envelope to take off, the views, the landing and being able to pack up the envelope. After takeoff, the views and calmness of the flight made us feel as if we weren't even in the air, we forgot about our fear of heights as we were so busy trying to see everything there was to be seen.

Lots of laughs and information made the flight very enjoyable and go by too quickly. When it came time to land, we set softly down and the neighbors started coming out of their homes to talk and see what was going on, which also added to the enjoyment of the experience. We wouldn't hesitate and we look forward to another flight with Capt. Bentley next time we are in Albuquerque. It was without a doubt, the best part of a great vacation. Thanks for a fantastic time and memory."

Tom S.
Baltimore, MD


"Thanks for the great photos! We had a wonderful time! I'll be sure to recommend you to our friends and family!"

Susan Williams
Edmond, OK


"Thanks for the photos, these are great.

We had a wonderful time, and would recommend you to anyone that is thinking about taking a balloon flight."

Thank you,

Cary Petersen
Louisville, KY


Capt. Bentley Streett,

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful balloon ride on 10/8. It was our first time up and after this experience I know we will go up again. It really left a lasting impression on us. I made a short video capturing our trip up. I hope you enjoy it."

Thanks again,

Courtney and Diane Friedel
Glenwood, MD


Captain Bentley:

"Thank you for the experience of Balloon Flying in New Mexico. It was an added favorite to my visit for the Balloon Festival and such a joy to meet such professionals at work with a great attitude and love for what they do. My group was enjoyable as well and I wish you all much success in the future."


Margaret Lopez, Customer for Life...
San Antonio, TX


Got the shots! Thanks so much. We will send you some of ours when we get home. It was a magical day and a great way to celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary.

Laura and Paul Carey
Miami, Florida


"We had a GREAT time in your beautiful state, (we're) sorry our stay was so short. All we talk about is the GREAT BALLOON RIDE to everyone back home. Can't wait to go back for a longer (stay) next time."

Rose Ann Allemand
La Rose, CA


"Thank you for the photo's. This was one of the things I had always wanted to do and my wife enjoyed it also. Watching Captain Bentley and his crew member, Pam, was like watching a well choreographed dance. We really enjoyed meeting Jack, he was so cute and welcoming. Captain Bentley was very professional and made the flight one we will never forget. Thank you again for an unforgettable experience!"

Paul & Anne Stephens
Mansfield Texas


"Thank you, Captain Bentley and Crew, for a WONDERFUL experience floating over earth in a hot air balloon. I thought that I would be nervous, and although you would never know it from my picture (the lady with the camcorder in [my] half-gloved hands) I actually felt very relaxed and enjoyed every moment of our flight. We will certainly recommend Private Balloon Flights to others....but we should tell you that most of our friends think we were very daring to do such a thing at our age. How wrong they are! There is no age limit for adventure."

Thanks again,

Ab and Lynne Khambaty
Gloucester, MA


Thank you so much for the incredible experience, education and most of all FUN. What an awesome set up and top-notch pilots and chasers! The personal ride was just great!

Happy flying!

Amy and Pat Radack
Durham, NC


"Hi Guys and Jack. Thank you all so much for the unique and memorable flight experience. Truly your professional staff made our time with you all, wonderful indeed. Captain Kevin is an impressive pilot. His knowledge and expertise made for a fun filled ride. Along with his good humor made us wanting to come back for more. And as for Jack, He is a friend for life. A special thanks to you Pam, you are the life of the party. As always, Best Wishes."

Your Friends,

Jeff and Patti Busto
Corvallis, OR


"Thank you for sending the photos. We had an absolute wonderful time. The entire outing was indeed an "experience of a lifetime" with perfect weather, great scenery and of course our "very personable" pilot, Will. He was a real joy to be around, yet professional and qualified. Maybe someday, I will have the opportunity to fly with you again. Thanks again for a memorable day."

Martha Branch
Knoxville, TN

test3resample copy.jpg

"Great Flight!! First time and hope to be able to take a ride again in the future. Private Balloon Flights was recommended to us. Glad we picked them. Very professional, safe, polite and courteous. Captain Bentley kept us informed of the local area and what we were doing during the flight (Height, wind, speed, etc.). Would highly recommend Private Balloon Flights if you want a great safe flight.

PS: Thanks for e-mailing the pictures."

Arlen & Corrine Eaton
Dodge City, Kansas


"I have my 1st Balloon ride on 2nd Oct with Captain Bentley and it is so great !!!Thank you for the good ride,good service and I be happy on my 2nd Balloon ride on 11 Oct with my friends with your company and Thank you Captain Bentley!"


Gustav Bruenn

8of8Dawn and Dennis DuBois.jpg

"We had a great time and look forward to our next flight with y’all. We thought this would be one of those once in a lifetime life experiences, but I think Deanna and I are hooked. We try to get out to New Mexico once a year, will try again this Spring. Just wanted to thank you again for a great experience and hope to go again when we get back out to Albuquerque.

Tom and Deanna Goff
Houston, TX


Thank you very much for the great pictures of our flight! We had such a wonderful time and an unforgettable experience!

Jeiselaine Kozan
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Patsy&KendallTaylorAndelusiaAL 63008.JPG

Just to let you know we had a GREAT time on your flight and appreciate everything. It was so much better than the other nurse who flew with "**** (Company name removed by us) and 10 other people-she was really disappointed. Thanks again for your hospitality and making our trip special.

Patsy and Kendall Taylor
Andelusia, AL


Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. It was amazing. I am so glad that we went with a private flight instead of a "basket full of strangers". It was definitely worth a few more dollars. Thanks for helping to make our anniversary something truly to remember.

Ed and Dianne Phillips
Hoover, AL


I just had to write to tell you what a grand time my husband and I had on our balloon flight Saturday morning June 14th. We want to thank Captain James for a very memorable trip!! He was so nice and informative and helpful and very adept at piloting our balloon. The landing was a blast!!! The champagne toast afterward was quite nice and refreshing!! You run a wonderful operation. Very personal attention is nice and quite welcome (and rare). We are so glad we chose your company for our first balloon ride!!

Once again, thank you and your staff and kudos to Captain James for an absolutely wonderful trip. We're anxious to do it again!!!

Frank and Phyllis Massey


Thanks for the photos, the great flight, and the memories!

Phil, Jenny, Kate, Rebekah
Cookville, TN


Thanks you guys that was just a flat out awesome balloon ride thank you very much!

Chuck & Brenda Ahrens
Albuquerque, NM


I really enjoyed my time with everyone. I will remember that day for the rest of my life.

Cat Lawrence
Goose Creek, SC


Captain Bentley & Pamela,

Rene and I really enjoyed the tour. Thanks for a great ride and the photos!! When I download my photos (which may take a few days - I'm not as on top of it as you are!!), I will send you the "balloon-er eclipse". Please say hi to Jack for us.


Paul Stachiewicz
Atlanta, GA


Hello, and thanks for the pictures. I wanted to tell you what a great time we all had. I would recommend you folks to any and all who have an interest in ballooning. Feel free to use us as a reference any time. THE TRIP WAS GREAT. Martha, Dorothy, and Will.

The Radfords


John and I really enjoyed our first hot air balloon adventure! James was very knowledgeable answering all our questions. He has a wonderful people personality and made our flight fun. He dealt with the rough landing like a pro and we just consider it part of the big adventure.

When I was researching the web for a flight I did note the prices. When I added the price of 2 tee shirts and 2 caps it came to the same as your competition then read your resume' and decided to go with your company.

Thank you for sending the photos' they turned out well.We have shared them along with a write up about our balloon adventure with family and friends. Have a nice afternoon!

Claudia McCormack
Albuquerque, NM


We really loved the trip. Couldn't you have done a little work on the photos so I would look better?

Daryl Worley
Altharetta, GA


Hi Captain Bentley, Thank you for the exciting Hot Air Balloon experience, Elizabeth and I will remember the ride for years to come. You were very professional, knowledgeable and informative. We will certainly recommend your personalized services to any family and friends in the future. Hi to Jack!

Thanks again,

Chuck & Elizabeth Warnick
Tequesta, FL


Captain Bentley and Staff

Thank you for the pictures and when we return Next October, we will be calling you. Are you offering any flights during the Balloon Festival? Please let me know if there are any openings during that two week event? I will come down, I really enjoyed it.

Joe Candy Man Van Putten
Virginia Beach, VA


Thank you so much.

A great adventure. I would recommend it to anyone, young or old. Professional all the way.

Delbert Norton


Captain Bentley and Staff,

We just wanted to let you know we had an incredible time on Saturday and can't wait to come back to New Mexico and fly with you again. Thanks for making our first flight so enjoyable! We are highly recommending you to all our friends and coworkers!!

Thanks again,

Dee and Robert Thierry
Sugarland, TX


Thank you very much for the photos and a memorable experience!

Jerry Ravensdale
Massapequah Park, NY


Dear Captain Bentley and Pam,

Just wanted you both to know that Gay and I along with our daughter, Kim enjoyed our flight more than anything we've ever done. Seems the flight was over much to soon. Both of you were very professional and great host. We were delighted from beginning to end. If we ever decide to go again you will be our choice. We got the pictures and liked the _0746 jpg which we thought you might use. Just wish Kim's husband, Michael would have gone with us.

Once again, Thanks!

Mac, Gay & Kim.
Arlington, TX


Thanks so much for the great pictures!

We had such a great morning! Thank you. Is there any way you can send me two of the photos at a higher (bigger / original) quality? We'd really like to get an 8x10 of one, but need the bigger sized image to do that. The two we'd love to see are 100-588 and 100-589. We'd really appreciate it if you could help us out!

Thanks again for a great morning,

Alison, Jim, Nancy & Phil

"Thank you for an excellent flight last Wednesday. I had flown once before with a great company in Albuquerque, so I knew I would love the flight. However, this trip exceeded my expectations. Our Captain was excellent. He was fairly quiet so that we could enjoy the serenity of our early morning flight, but he was definitely very personable, and it was obvious that he wanted us to be comfortable and happy. Other Private Balloon Flights personnel we encountered were professional and helpful, and communications were excellent. Our time aloft was incredible. The winds definitely "welcomed us with softness" and the sun "blessed us with his warm hands." The flight turned out to be the highlight of our 6 days in the Land of Enchantment - even better than the Balloon Fiesta Special Shapes Rodeo that I love so much! "

Ruth, Howard and Pat
Washington, DC

I mentioned this the other day when I saw you but I just wanted to tell you about the three ladies that flew with you and then visited the balloon museum the next day. They where so impressed at your professionalism, your knowledge of ballooning and the area, your friendship, Jack, and their experience.

Thanks Bentley, we need more like you in the ballooning community.

Tom Fisher Volunteer Greeter
Anderson Abruzzo
Albuquerque International Balloon Museum

"This really was an awesome experience for both me and Nick (Hotalling) - not only did we see the world in a way we never thought possible, but we got engaged in the sky! How awesome is that! Thanks again!"

Laura Miller (Hotalling)
Lee's Summit, MO

Dear Captain Bentley,

Our April 21, 2010 ballooning trip with your organization was truly memorable, fun and informative. And these post flight pictures are very much appreciated and equally unexpected. Thanks for the experience and the excellent service. We look forward to our next ballooning opportunity.


Scott Baker
Dimmitt, Texas

Thanks Pamela and Frank!!

Had a Blast and hope to do that again!!

You guys Rock....and Jack too..

Thanks for making this a very wonderful experience and memorable birthday! More later...

Karen Michutka
Albuquerque, New Mexico

We want to thank you very much for a truly one of a kind experience. Captain Bentley was a wonderful guide, and everyone was so helpful and accommodating. We had an amazing time and really cannot thank you all enough for such a wonderful day. We would recommend this to anyone and hope we are able to come back and do it again soon. Thank you for providing us with the photos as well, they are a great way to commemorate an experience we will not soon forget.


Ron and Linda Como