Captain Scrappy & Captain Jack

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Captain Scrappy

scrappy1.jpgScrappy is a pure bread Maltese who came into the world to a ballooning family in the summer of 2009. While we were flying at a balloon event in Elephant Butte New Mexico, a pilot introduced us to the owner of this little fluffy ball of fur. He gave us one lick on the nose, and it was puppy love at first sight! Scrappy came home from the event with us and immediately began ballooning with us on a full time basis.

He went for his first little puppy balloon ride in the fall of 2009. He went for his first special shape balloon ride in our 110 foot tall penguin balloon called "BURGESS." Scrappy has also flown as recently as November of 2010 in another of our special shape balloons "Betty."

He has been a great companion to Jack and to many of our passengers who have flown with us while traveling away from the pets they had to leave home. He helps give folks a reminder of the pooches waiting for them when they return!

Jack has helped Scrappy to learn the ropes and like Jack, he enjoys ballooning so much that we purchased him is very own doggie-scale Radio Controlled Hot Air Balloon!

Captain Scrappy will be excited to meet you when you come ballooning with us in Albuquerque!

Captain Jack

jack looking up.jpg

Many of you may have noticed several references from past guests to “Jack”. He is our favorite pet, company mascot, and honorary “Co-Pilot.” The following few paragraphs will better introduce you to him! After going to the animal shelter looking for a Jack Russell Terrier, we were told they had adopted one out that very morning but were rare to the shelters and that we could get on a waiting list. After 6 to 8 months with no call from the shelter, we mentioned to some friends who bread dogs that we were looking for one. They told us they had a “Mix” that we should meet.

The mom was a Miniature Pinscher and the dad was a Wire-Haired Jack Russell (a product of the Jack Russell’s ability to jump high fences.) In July of 2001 we brought “Jack” home with us. He chewed every piece of furniture he could get his little puppy mouth around. We wondered if he would tolerate balloons better than most dogs if he were raised around them. We figured the only way to find out was to bring him out ballooning!

We attached his leash to the trailer hitch during inflation so he would not run off, yet he was close to the balloon, and safely out of anyone's way. He barked the whole time the fan was on, but after the balloon stood up, he stopped barking!

He went for his first little puppy balloon ride when he was about 4 months old. He did fine, and has been up a twelve to fifteen times in his little puppy ballooning career. As Jack aged, we have decided not to take him on any more commercial flights, as he has developed a little fear of heights!

His last flight was in October of 2007. He backed himself into the center of the basket and shook like a leaf in the breeze, so we let him keep his little puppy paws on the ground -or should we say “in the chase vehicle!”

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