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Private & Personal

Our Personal and Private service makes your flying adventure more fun! If you have a family with children, and you don't want to be in a large crowded basket with many strangers, we have the family baskets that carry up to six in the air at once. If you have a larger family, we can bring out more than one balloon! We offer FAMILY and CORPORATE DISCOUNTS throughout the year. (Pricing and scheduling may differ slightly October 1st through 15th - ASK FOR DETAILS!).

If you are a mature, or senior couple and don't wish to share a basket with several "High Energy" kids who you don't know, relax, we have private "couples only" baskets that afford you the peace and serenity you are looking for in a hot air balloon flight, without any other guests!

We do also offer a shared basket when we have 2 or 3 couples that don't mind flying together, but don't wish to be in a basket carrying 10 to 12 people in it. We offer great discounts often, as much as 35% off our regular fare when you share a basket and we won't put more than 6 people in a shared basket, plus our pilot. (Pricing and scheduling may differ slightly October 1st through 15th - ASK FOR DETAILS!)

balloons-lines-up.jpgEnchant your friends and loved ones with an unforgettable and breathtaking aerial adventure in the Southwestern sky.  Sunrise balloon rides in the Rocky Mountains is unforgettable!

Imagine floating above the Rio Grande River, looking down on the birds in flight or skimming about the flora and fauna of the high desert. We fly at varying altitudes to ensure the best possible flight and view. You will see sights that can only be seen from a hot air balloon!

Experience the quiet magic of ballooning by watching the changing vistas below you. We fly just above the surface to pick leaves from the tree tops, and at 1,000 feet or more for a panoramic view of the entire valley.  All this is without any sense of height or movement!

You'll ride in perfect safety and comfort in our professionally piloted and FAA certified hot air balloons which are the finest examples of modern technology available.  Private Balloon Flights, LLC features only Cameron Balloons. Cameron Balloons is the first and only company in the world to build balloons that have gone all the way around the world! Your comfort and safety are assured.

We'll entertain you with interesting sights and informative stories about the Southwest by our highly experienced and professional FAA certified commercial pilots. You'll be amazed by the control and the ability of these talented and colorful pilots as they expertly maneuver the seven story tall balloons over the changing landscape.

While you're aloft, your ground crew is in radio communication with your pilot, and is constantly tracking your flight. When we approach our designated landing area, the ground crew is there to assist you with your gentle arrival back to the Earth!

100_1768.JPGWe conclude your flight with a continental brunch, traditional toast of champagne and fruit juices, a story about the history of ballooning, a custom made first flight certificate, FULL COLOR company T-shirts, Souvenir crystal champagne flutes, balloon pins, and balloon cards!!

Your Private Balloon Flights, LLC adventure will take about 3 to 3 1/2 hours with an average flight time of one hour.  When weather conditions permit, we do enjoy a longer flight, however we don't promise this like the other companies do, and then disappoint you by flying a shorter flight.   We believe in promising you what we can do, then attempting to exceed your expectations with the longer flight as often as we can!


Albuquerque Location

5601 Eagle Rock Avenue NE,
Albuquerque, NM 87113